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Pool Interior


We build pools structurally sound and finish it beautifully with QUARTZON finish.

  • The unique pool render finish with an extensive range of exquisite colors that can create stunning, visual effects in pool water
  • It is a Smooth, yet SLIP RESISTANT finish
  • Revolutionary additive, ‘Starfleck’ makes the pool water glitter and sparkle, and even captures moonlight
  • Ensures long lasting intense colour of surface for many years to come
  • Its durability and ease of maintenance makes it an ideal choice for hotels, resorts, schools and water parks.

Quartzon’s Advantages over Pebbles or Tiles:

  • Made stronger and longer lasting than pebbles, fibreglass, marble sheen, vinyl and paint
  • Offers a smoother surface that is less aggressive on bathing suits and skin
  • Significantly cheaper than fully tiling a pool
  • More hygienic and easier to maintain. Its even surface makes algae much easier to clean off the surface
  • Its reflective nature allows your pool to continually sparkle

QUARTZON has nine exquisite colours

Gives you the flexibility to choose the look to complement your surroundings and ever changing light conditions

View White beach
View Ice Blue
View Sky Bay
View Pacific Star
View Calypso
View Royal Blue
View Golden Star

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